6556 kilometers. The distance between Brussels and Nairobi. This website bridges that enormous distance with one click of your mouse.

Maks! visited four schouls in Kenya, each with a link to a Flemish school. We visited young people and teachers from those partner schools. Discover the differences and similarities for yourself. In the clips, the slide shows and the articles. Nearly everything on this site is available in English and Dutch. As such, it is a gateway through which young people in Kenya and in Flanders can meet eachoter.

VVOB organises school connections: Flemish schools are linked up to schools in the Southern Hemisphere. This collaboration can take many forms: exchange of know-how, sending pictures and letters back and forth, or full-fledged teacher exchange programmes... The main goal is not to raise money, but to exchange information that is beneficial to both schools. Contact VVOB if you're interested to set up a school connection (www.scholenbanden.be)

Alle clips were made by Wouter Vanmol and Jo Valvekens. This website was made my Toon Van de Putte. With the kind support of everyone at VVOB-Kenya and Erik Merens, Louisa Kadzo, Vivian Nereah and Lut Laenen especially.